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Hi There Mr Cubo,

I am wondering if you can help with this problem.

I have four Cobo 18 extended that were loaded with FaneXB's 1000w 8ohm they were ok but the bass was not quite deep enough so,
I have now upgraded to RCF LFX451- 18" 1800w 8ohm. The problem is the bolt pattern and the cut out hole are very different therefore; I may have to use clamps instead of m6 bolts and T-Nuts not having enough space to get a router and a drill in the cab to work on the baffle. Can I place another baffle on top of the existing one and what difference will it make to the performance and sound quality.

Mounting information: RCF LFX451
Overall Diameter: 465 mm / 18.3 inch
Bolt Circle Diameter: 442-447 mm / 17.4-17.6 inch
Bolt Hole Diameter: 6.5 mm / 0.25 inch
Front Mount Baffle Cut-out: 424 mm / 16.7 inch
Rear Mount Baffle Cut-out: 424 mm / 16.7 inch
Depth: 194 mm / 7.63 inch

Overall Diameter 19.1" / 485 mm
Width Across Flats 18" / 457 mm
Flange Height 0.465" / 11.8 mm
Baffle Hole Diameter F/M 16.52" / 420 mm
Baffle Hole Diameter R/M 16.33" / 414 mm
Fixing Holes 8x 0.275" diam on 18.425" PCD
8x 0.275" diam on 17.25" PCD
8x 7 mm diam on 468 PCD
8x 7 diam on 438.15 PCD
Depth 8.07" / 205 mm

Thanks in advance and I look forward to hearing from you,


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1 week 5 days ago - 1 week 5 days ago #24425 by Cubo15
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Did you try the Fane with the magnet visible or magnet inside the chamber? That orientation has some influence on how deep the driver goes in Cubo 18 Extended, although most of it is due to Cubo 18 itself and not the driver. The RCF LFX451 is a good sub driver so it might change how deep it goes a bit but not by much. Because the RCF has good Xmax you can use o bit of EQ to get most out of
it but if you need much deeper bass Cubo Sub might be a better option for it.

I usually make a 18 - 30 millimeter ring on the baffle that has two sets of bolt patterns in it. It has 8 t-nuts for the new driver and spaced in the middle between those holes, 8 clean holes for the old driver. The ring is then mounted onto the baffle using hex bolt countersunk heads, so the ring surface is flush. The new driver can then be mounted with short bolts via the t-nuts. I like to countersink the t-nuts a bit, so that the entire bolt threat is used before exerting maximum (bolt clamp) force on the threat. The bolts are 17 - 29 mm plus whatever extra length is need for the driver, so they don't touch the baffle of the Cubo, this means they might need to be cut to length.

I've seen those clamps used before on heavy drivers, although I've never used them, they seem capable. So if implemented the right way that could be an relatively easy fix.

Best regards Cubo

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