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4 weeks 1 day ago #24821 by Andrew4566
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I am considering building a pair of either Cubo 15 or 18 and a corresponding pair of Cubo Kicks.

I own a number of three different JBL drivers and would like to utilize them if I can.

2225H/J 15"

FS: 40hz
QTS: .28
VAS: 170l

2240H 18"

FS: 30hz
QTS: .23
VAS: 489l

2242H 18"
FS: 35
QTS: .28
VAS: 283l

If the best solution is a Cubo 18... can a Cubo Kick 18 be used with the 2225 15" driver so that is matches size wise?


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3 weeks 6 days ago - 3 weeks 6 days ago #24822 by Cubo15
Replied by Cubo15 on topic Cubo 18

It wouldn't be my first choice to use the 2225H in Cubo Kick 18 but it can be done, it's Xmax is on the small side for Cubo 15 so Cubo 18 is abetter choice. If the 3 cm depth difference is that important you could add 3 cm to the front of Cubo Kick 15. Alternatively you could also use the 2240H in Cubo Kick 18.

Both 18's drivers are suited for Cubo 18 Extended. The 2242H will take the most power as it has plenty of Xmax, for the 2240H I would use a 40 Hz high pass and around 500 W of amplifier power as it's Xmax is somewhat limited.

Best regards Cubo

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