check Toroidal[Heavyweight] Vs SMPS[Lightweight] amplifiers

8 years 7 months ago #18329 by ΚΔΠШΔЯ

May i know the purpose for buying only one amplifier? Shoot me a PM for further discussion.


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8 years 7 months ago #18346 by Gee136

NITZ V1505 wrote:

Gee136 wrote: The thing most that amazes me all the time our set play out with our SMP lightweights, is plugging into a 13amp supply & powering our bass @ 2ohms with ease "x8 18" Fane XB's" smiley32

It always brings a smile to our faces when others "who we play alongside" are pondering on 32amp supplies to power x4 18" drivers. smiley36

We've got x2 American Audio 6001+ in stock, x2 Charley Destructors "3000 watters" in stock & 1 Yorkville in stock :-D We haven't used them in over 18months @ a event, everyone in our crew is getting lazy!! When we take out the machine, 10 out of 10 times those heavyweights get left in the lock up smiley36

Respect....................... smiley4

Gee your getting lazy!!!! How could you park up the Destructors? I played a set once using an exclusive Destructor running 8 Turbomax loaded scoops and let me tell ya I thought Southall communities roof was gonna cave in!!!!! Them amps are dangerous and Jah know no lightweight business is gonna come close for sheer weight (pardon the punn). If it sounds good it stays regardless of the weight. If mans can carry around 100kg+ speakers around I dont see the problem of lugging round a 50-60kg amp rack. And if their super heavyweights have one per rack!!!!


The problem here is our machine is unconventional & unique to the other machines, weight for us is a BIG issue, take for instance or mid top cabs weighs 26kg this is with castors & full grills, our double boxes weighs 66kg with castors & full grill :lol:

Our amp rack to power two sections weighs 46kgs including the 8u rack case with castors :lol:

So as you can see, the museums pieces "heavy amps" will rarley come out to play :lol:

Respect........... :)

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