New to building a sound system, need advice!

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2 years 2 months ago #24981 by Mr.Andersson1
New to building a sound system, need advice! was created by Mr.Andersson1
Hey, I'm new to building a sound system but me and my friends would really like to do it. We will mostly play reggae, dub and steppers but also jungle and dnb.
For the last couple of weeks/months I've been looking in to various websites and forums for advice on what to build and what will work with what.
The system will mostly be playing for small to medium crowds indoors but I wouldn't mind if it was possible to take it outside without loosing to much quality/volume.

For subs I'd really like to build 2x Super Scoopers, either 18 " or 21 ".
For the kicks I've been looking in to either 2x HD15 or 2x Cubo kick 15 ".
The mids as well as the tops I'm not quite sure what would work the best with my bass boxes.

Does the Cubo kick or HD15 work best with the Super Scoopers or should I build something else insted?
If they work well enough together what mids and tops would be optimal for the system?

As I said, I'm new the whole building of a sound system part so any advice would be appreciated!

Viggo Andersson

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