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levyte357 wrote:

Tony.A.S.S. wrote: I say this because I can't believe that an inch here and an inch there in a change of design will make a difference to wave lengths that are 20-30 feet long.

Mr T, One of the main problems I see with some scoops, is that the sound just does'nt seem to leave the box, or even worse, lots of SPL at the rear of the cab, but as you walk away from the front, SPL roll off. Do you think this is down to build, or also compression ratio ?

Tony.A.S.S. wrote: I've never mentioned performance or how the RX18 compares to anything else, mainly because I'm not really bothered one way or the other.

Easy for you to say, as everything else is judged in comparison to these :lol:
"Tuned up" correctly, they do the lows and the throw.

Also from my experience, if a scoop is designed as according to strict FLH principles, with uniform expansion rate, it just does'nt seem to have the extreme SPL of a scoop with a little neg expansion, like the Eminence 18 scoop, or shortman mini scoop. Your thoughts squire

about 36/37 seconds in Lev smiley2 ... re=related

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Regarding the B and C 18SW115, so far, I have found it to a formidable speaker. It's in the RX jnr's at the moment, just waiting to leap out and perform.[/quote]

would you use this speaker in your scoops as upgrade from 18tbx100?

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9 years 5 months ago #9112 by tony.a.s.s.
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I am using this in my new R2U system. If you look at the specs, you will see that in some of the important areas, it has more to offer over the 18TBX100, including being able to push it further due to improved cone excursion and power handling.
At the moment, I'm scratching my head wondering where to go amp wise for the demo rig. It may be Crown 3600's run bridged into 4 ohms for the subs. Two speakers will handle 3,400 watts, and this amp does that. Definatley staying with BI Polar amps for the subs, maybe switch mode for the rest.
The speaker is very much worth a try. When my new rig is done, It will be available to anyone who wants to try it. This is the only you can really make up your mind about anything in sound really.

Peace and goodwill to all speaker builders

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