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Hi Jim. There aren't many pictures of the concert system around because when I designed that lot, cameras were only just being invented. Regarding the cab that sits underneath the RX350's they are single 15's and follow my well tried and tested horn path which makes it similar to the BS500, MX900, MX1200 etc.It was configured especially for the RX system.
You mentioned the tweeter cabs on the system, I have a pair of new cabs waiting for the tweeters to go in, so_______
I'm still searching for that Sono mag. It's here somewhere. More later

Peace and goodwill to all speaker builders

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Ooh u temptress u, an unloaded RX tweeter cab. Yes do please keep that for me Tony. Also i've been meaning to mention for some time that i'm missing two MX flares. As a pair of my four MT602's came without their 2" flares. So to take the photo of the four MT602's which i put on top of those eight BS600's some months ago (the stack painted in grey) I had to borrow two flares from a pair of MX600's, as luckly they are the same.
I've read on a thread with a forum member from the other site that you still have the ability to make the fiberglass MX flares. If that is so, brilliant, if not no worries i'll get a pair made using an existing flare as the mould, as I did for one of the missing Concert System's 1" top flares. It's a hassle i'd rather avoid if I could.
But if you do make them, when u next produce some, please run a pair off for me and put them on a shelf.
No doubt it'll be a while untill I can collect them as such a mission would probably be tied in to a decent order of B&C drivers, mostly 12"mids. I'm also thinking of loading our 16 BS600's with the new PD 1851's. I've heard good reports 'bout them, and it seems the way to go, to only fit the best stuff we can obtain.
I'm going to try and find the best drivers I can. I'd like to know your or any persons views on the JBL 2482 2" compression driver.
It's what Tony seemed to fit in the MT602's twenty-five years ago. It's one hell of a driver. Ian / JBL man says the 2482 driver can take people's heads off!
That's all well and good but it's decades old, like Woodstock era man, well 70's at least. But it's the absolute mutts nuts. What's out there these days that's comparable? And not just that, but why aren't modern compression drivers leagues ahead in their sound output than these beasts of yesteryear? Was the pleateau reached in what this compression driver technology can do decades ago???
Just my musings guys and gals, but all views welcome.
Oh and one other teeny-weeny thing. I'd really like to fix to the grills on the three MX121Rt's, those really nice A.S.S badges that are fitted to the RX scoops.
On top of the three MX121Rt's will be the three MX1200's and then three MX450's.
I took off those plastic Relekta badges. They're okay, but those solid classy A.S.S badges are what's needed. They're just lush and say everything that needs to be said
The entire stack will be in grey, but the 21" grills will stay black. And so the public know it's A.S.S, it needs them there badges.
I'll let you know when the stack is almost ready as it would be the finishing touch to make sure those badges are on the grills.
I'm so glad this forum exists, it gives me a lift from time to time, as does Peter Griffin. All hail Family Guy!

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Hi Jim, I can mould the horns, so, no problem there. I'm also getting another batch of ASS acrylic domed badges done. So, I'll let you know when they're done.
I'm now going to attempt to get the Sono pics on. I hope they're the right size.
These are from 1980.
[attachment=0:2m1gozby]<!-- ia0 -->IMG.jpg<!-- ia0 -->[/attachment:2m1gozby]
[attachment=1:2m1gozby]<!-- ia1 -->IMG_0002.jpg<!-- ia1 -->[/attachment:2m1gozby]

Peace and goodwill to all speaker builders

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