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Hello community

I'm looking at building a non trapezoid shaped Mid Top and was wondering if anyone can give any suggestion for it..

I have built 2 single 12" SMT speaker with 1" comp driver, these sits well over Cubo 15 speakers.

After these I have worked on smaller and more portable boxes and made 4 Cubo 12" + 2 Cubo Kick 12".
When I stack everything together the SMT are just a bit too big ( base area is wider and deeper than kicks ) to sit well over the Cubo 12 and Kick.

that is why I have been considering the idea of making a non trapezoid mid top with a single 12" and a horn..
something like this :

but with a modified design where the shape is squared/rectangular instead of trapezoid so they will sit on top of everything more like a straight column

The 18Sound plans would actually be ok in terms of size to fit over the kicks without falling off the edges...Cubo kick base/top area is around 45x50 cm and the 18Sound as it is lays within that.
So it will be more an esthetic choice so that everything will have a linear look.

Trying to decide if it makes sense to modify, for example, the 18Sound one and if this mod can have detrimental sound effects on the enclosure ?

Or anyone has a suggestion for another existing plan ? I've been looking on the web but all plans I could find for mid tops have a trapezoid shape.

thanks a lot

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