file bulbs as hf protection?

14 years 2 months ago #288 by ickymay
bulbs as hf protection? was created by ickymay
hiya all I hope there's some expertise that can guide me here?

My question is there any simple way to describe the use of bulbs to protect hf drivers ?

do I need a circuit and a polyswitch or ??

If I was to throw away the 2416H-1 drivers in some jrx 125's, which where blown by careless users, and replace them with some B&C DE12 or the DE160, is there a foolproof way to protect them ,inside the speaker, without the need for any outboard gear ?

does anybody have a "generic" circuit that I could adjust to use?

trust me Im a teenagers father!

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14 years 2 months ago #303 by markie
Replied by markie on topic bulbs as hf protection?
It's relatively simple, the bulb goes in line with the positive lead to the HF after the crossover. I think the theory is that with normal power levels the signal flows thru the bulb fillament without any change to impedence. However when the signal gets excessive the filament lights up and in effect reduces the power to the HF driver. I use are 24v 50w xenon bulbs which are the same as used in RCF crossovers.

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