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3 years 7 months ago #24511 by ProsodySpeaks
12v rig component selection was created by ProsodySpeaks

this is my first forray into speaker/system design and it's (unpaid) for a community group so i'm super-keen to produce something decent at a good price.

my current plan is:

1/2 x decent 12v leisure battery
1x Pioneer GM-D8704
2x Fane soverign 12-300
8 (2x4) x Faital Pro 4FE35

the subs (as well as leisure battery, amp, and most of the electrical components) will be housed inside a trailer not too dissimilar to this:

the faitals, serving as mid-tops, be in external boxes which can be mounted securely to the trailer for transit, and then pole-mounted to gain vertical height when the trailer is stationary.

does the component list seem sensible? i.e. is the pioneer amp a good match for the drivers?
what is the best wiring config for the faitals - each side = 2 pairs of 2drivers in parallel?

thanks for any advice you have!

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3 years 7 months ago #24513 by Cubo15
Replied by Cubo15 on topic 12v rig component selection
The one thing I'm missing here is expectancy, it's a decent list of components that surely deserves a green light unless your expectancy is off. So what is it supposed to do?

The GM-D8704 is listed as 2 Ohm stable, so technically you could go for 4 Faitals in parallel, although 2 series x 2 parallel is always a safe bet if you need more output 2 Ohm is the way to go.

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3 years 6 months ago - 3 years 6 months ago #24517 by ProsodySpeaks
Replied by ProsodySpeaks on topic 12v rig component selection

thanks for responding!

my expectations are pretty low, i just want to be sure the componenets are reasonably well matched.... it will basically be used by the community group to draw attention to whatever they're upto - whether that is arts and craft workshops, climate campaigning, etc. i.e. it is not going to be inspected by audiophiles on a regular basis, or relied upon for 500 people parties! (but, i'll always know i built it so i want it to be as good as possible!)

re: the faitals, will they do ok for mid-top on their own, or will they require tweeters and crossovers?
i'd really like to avoid the added complication of xovers as with just the fane + faitals i think i can leverage the amp's variable 40-500 hz low/high pass filters (of which their are one on each input pair) for control.
but how best to set this?
split the signal to both inputs, use one pair bridged for the fane, and one each of the others for left and right mid-tops?
and then re filtering, i only have one of either hpf or lpf for each pair, should i lowcut @ 40/50hz on the sub, and ~130 on the mid-tops?
or is it better to low-pass the sub? the amp is rated down to 20hz, does that mean it will not pass any frequencies below this, i.e. the fane is safe from damage and i'll get better output by relieving it of mid/top duties?

and will i need 4x faital 4fe35 a side to balance the fane 12-300, or might 2x faital a side work ok?

i'm trying to work out enclosures too - at first i thought i'd pretty much just build a trailer and stuff the drivers in it, but, err, apparently that's not how it works!
so now i'm thinking subwise i'll build a cubo, tham, or the tony wilkes one the name of which i have forgotten, and basically plonk it on the trailer...i haven't considered the top-box enclosures yet, but they can come later, i need to crack on with the body of the trailer so making sub enclosure decisions is more immediate...

more elegant would be to adapt the enclosure style into the trailer body, but calculations for that kind of thing are well beyond me - any suggestions? maybe you know of a trailer-based enclosure with plans available? bascially low and flat would suit better than cuboid, but i figure there are some implications to changing the shape.... searching for 'low flat' enclosures obviously finds enclosures with a flat response to a low frequency, rathre than ones which are low to the ground!

thanks for your input!

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3 years 6 months ago #24520 by Cubo15
Replied by Cubo15 on topic 12v rig component selection
For convenience sake I would use the Faitals from 100 - 300 Hz and up, the Fane's from 100 - 300 Hz and down. A typical subwoofer would do 100 Hz and below but above ~300 Hz excursion needs are greatly reduced, so it does make sense to at least try it out, as the Faital's aren't designed to move air and the Fane's do. Crossing higher also means the Faitals and Fane's  need to be placed closer to each other, while for 100 Hz and below you could hide the Fane's. Typical cabinet volume for the Faitals would be 1 - 1.5 litre per driver plus the volume occupied by the driver and wood, typical for the Fane's would be around 40 - 50 litre per driver plus volume occupied by the driver, ports and wood. The cabinet dimensions do not matter that much, though you want different dimensions to prevent standing waves (cubes would be the worst), say an 8:5:3 ratio (height x width x depth).

You don't need separate tweeters crossovers for the Faitals and you might want to bridge two channels for the Fane's but I would start with just a single channel for each. One Fane in a Cubo or THAM style cabinet will equal 2 Fane's in a normal or closed or vented cabinet (including the extra power those 2 drivers would get).


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