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I have been a member for years and sorry to say, but this forum is dead. Links don´t work, most pictures are from external hoster´s and expired. After all, it is a good thing no on uses it. Let me explain why:

I was never able to see a decent plan because of download´s denied. So I enlarged the small stuff on the pages to get an idea.

Worst is, many of these plans are based on fantasy instead of science, have never been build by the "designer" and will not give any usable result! 

Most complicated to build "horns" will give you less output than any simple reflex cabinet. I´m sure the "designers" know that!

I don´t know if these are bad intentions of commercial builders or just prank´s, but if you invest a lot of money in wood and work, it is really sad what you will receive in the end. So this is a forum intended to make you look bad when you try to DIYS. 

Never build any of these plans, go somewhere else where you can see some serious simulations,  measurements of actual builds, discuss with people that really have one and then choose a plan...

You are warned!

Greetings, Chris

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