question-circle Ported Sub to Tapped Horn. Questions before starting

2 weeks 4 days ago #24400 by suparub
Hi folks !

I am kind of new here and after having built few vented enclosures for bass / midbass drivers, I decided to go forward and build Tapped Horn types in order to get the best of my RCF LF15N401 with this plan : .

But before-hand, I have few questions in mind :
  1. Vibrations : I need to have my setup (turntables + mixer) diretly on the top of the enclosure : How will it goes with the bass vibrations ? Will I be able to operate everything smoothly or will it be unpracticable ? If too shaky, what would be a solution to have my setup on the enclosure or as close as possible ? I need to be ultra compact
  2. Plan Optimization : On the plan, it's written that many drivers are fittable, but I know that each driver has it's own characteristics, so on it's on enclosure size. How could I optimize this plan for the RCF LF15N401 and be sure I'm getting the best of the driver ?
  3. Wood type : Is it ok if I use MDF or I strictly need to use plywood ?
I am also open to any other "simpler" design that would give close results to this design, the idea here is to have an enclosure that give the most powerful SPL / DB for the minimum power needed. Ex : ?

Here is the spec sheet of the driver :

Here is a picture of the ported enclosures I have built for the record

Thank you in advance for your lights. BLESS

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