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3 years 6 months ago #24340 by jay michael
Greetings from Canada.  I invested in a system about 12 years ago consisting of the following

6 - RCF4pro4001
8 - RCF4pro8001-as

Managed using driverack pa2.  Great sounding system for house techno and live music.  Served us well for a festival we host 10 years running.  Where it doesn't shine is modern bass music, it falls flat at 40 hz and misses a ton of content with the bass tunes.  The festival books house techno dub psytrance live music even a bit of trap and dubstep.  Personally Ive been hosting and throwing psytrance parties for almost 20 years so it gets a bunch of use for that music style as well.  I have tried everything to get the system really tuned to get that fat and defined midbass and kick of the psytrance sound and it does a reasonable job but compared to how I have heard it on turbo sound or funktion 1 systems it doesn't even come close.

Moving on.  The RCF gear will be cycled down into a 2nd stage system and I want to assemble a new main stage system.  We don't need a ton of power, the system noted above covers us easily running at perhaps 60-70% power.  I prefer fat clean and warm sound at a level where people can hold a conversation without yelling. Dance floors from 100 to 300 people.

What I want. 

1. Minimum 35hz capable to cover modern bass music with ease.
2. It has to rule the unique midbass power of the psytrance sound in a smooth and powerful way
3. We have a trailer so cabinet size not a huge issue however keeping cabinets reasonably sized is preferred. 
4. Accurate voicing. My RCF tops do sound incredible and stand apart from many of the other systems around me. Don't want to take s step backwards. 

My dilemma.  That meaty midbass falls in the 50 to 250hz range or so.  Obviously there is signal below and above,  but I find 2 cabinet systems that cross over right in that area where that psytrance chugging bassline is never do a great job of presenting it properly

The two ways I'm thinking of approaching this

Option 1. Bass cabinets such as USB, TSW-718 or BPH 238 (turbosound clone) to dominate the 50-250 hz area.  A mid high to cover above, and some sort of sub that would cover the 30-50hz area

Pro's - Will smoothly and powerfully cover that midbass zone I am looking for
Con's - bigger cabinets, maybe less easy to scale for smaller or larger gigs.

Option 2. Alternatively I am thinking a sub such as the xoc1 th18 or similar ( I have heard the danley originals and they really impressed me) to cover the 30 to 80 hz areas.  Mid/kick cabinets such as kubo kick to cover the 80 to 250 hz and mid highs to cover the rest.

Pro's - Smaller cabinets, easier to scale as required.  Probably cheaper.
Con's - Not sure? Ive never owned a system like this so not sure how well a kick bin sits in between a sub and a mid/high.

Would anyone care to give their thoughts?   I understand using boxes covering narrower freq ranges add complexity and will take more work to make things work coherently It seems like its doable as I see lots of examples online. I am leaning slightly towards option 2 due to the smaller individual cabinets but I'm really not sure whats the best way to approach this.  Could you suggest known good combinations of subs, mid bass and mid highs that would likely yield great results?

Feeling burnt out from reading and researching, looking for help!


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