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Speaker Plan

Thanks in advance for any advice!

I want to build a system in four stages. By the end of the 4th stage I intend on being able to provide sound for a small venue or crowd of between 50-100 people. Musically the system will play all sorts of sounds like afrobeat, cumbia and Brazilian records. I would like the system to be in stereo and also to be 3 way from the start so I can learn a bit about EQing from the get go.

I really love small, intimate parties so my aim is to be able to provide high quality sound for people in these places.

I would like to start off with front loaded reflex cabs for the mids and bottoms and later think about horns and scoops when I am more confident building boxes and have a better understanding of how the fundamentals of sound system design works.

This is a long term project so when it comes to amps and components I don’t want to go for the cheapest options. I would prefer to buy something now that will work in the system when I have reached the 4th phase. With my budget in mind I would say I would like to aim for the mid range priced equipment.

Final Sound System Ambition
From my research and a bit of advice from friends this is what I’ve come up with so far. Would love to hear alternative setups as well. (Keeping in mind the rig is intended to be used in small spaces for between 50-100 people qhen complete):

Two stacks in stereo.

4 x 2” Horn Loaded Compression Driver
4 x (2 x 1” Bullet Tweeter)

4 x (2 x 15” Drivers 500/700w) Front Loaded Reflex

4 x (2 x 18” Drivers 1000w) Front Loaded Reflex

(Horns and Scoops possibly added later to cater for outdoors or larger crowds and when I’m more experienced.)

Phase 1:

¼ Stack

Budget €1000-1200 for components and another €1000+ on Amps, Processor and Crossover. (Excluding wood from this as I’ve a good supply)

1 x 2” Horn Loaded Compression Driver 80w
2 x 1” Bullet Tweeter 150w

2 x 12/15” 500/700w Drivers

2 x 18” 1000w Drivers Front loaded Reflex Cabs

2380/2780w (Round off at 3000w?)


Here are a few things I can't get my head around or I haven’t managed to find the right forum post to answer the question directly.

Incase the questions are too general, they could be answered in relation to the specific application of the system i.e. small venue, crowd close to the speakers, approx 50-100 people, playing afrobeat, cumbia, and brazilian style records. And if people had the time to elaborate on some of the answers that’d be super. Knowledge is power!

1. What kind of Wattage should I be looking at in 12” or 15” drivers?

2. What wattage should I be looking for in my 2” compression drivers and my Bullet tweeters?

3. When comparing components like 18” drivers for example, how can I compare their specs/parameters to decide on a more reliable and higher performing choice?

4. I’m completely out of the loop on processors. All I know is I need one. Any knowledge/advice here would help!

5. Crossovers. These seem pretty cheap and straight forward? Any info here for a 3 way system would be helpful!

6. Do horn loaded compression drivers sound better when in a cabinet. I like the look of exposed horns.

7. When buying second hand amps are there any makes that are tried and tested tanks that I should look out for? What’s a should they go for 2nd hand.

8. Going on the estimated watts I have pulled out of my arse above (appox. 3000w for ¼ stack), What kind of amp setup should I be looking at? (keeping in mind this is intended to be a 3 way system)

Thats all I've got for now.

Thanks again.

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Hi Johnny,

It sounds a bit complicated and over the top to me, to be honest.

I would start with two good 12"/1" reflex cabinets and a single 18" reflex cabinet. That should be plenty for 50 people and in some cases a 100 people.

The 12"/1" tops could be around 250 - 500 W each (don't use 15" for mids).

Phase 2 would be adding another 18 reflex cabinet, typically 500 - 1000 W per 18" driver, only if needed.

Regards Johan

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