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Hello everyone, and thanks in advance for your wisdom. We are a band in Los Angeles. We need to build a PA system designed to be used mostly indoors to an audience of 350 to 500 in mostly theater setting. We don't need any monitors as we use an In-Ear wireless system. We are thinking to tri-amp with 18" or 21" for subs, 15" more mid tops and wondering the best solutions for high frequencies, say above 2k? Should we do go with horns for high, if so what design/drivers etc. Overall, what would you suggest for plans? We have crafts people who are wood-workers that can build whatever design we provide to them, but don't have any ideas on designs, drivers, speakers etc. We're just musicians. Any help is greatly appreciated with as much details as possible. Designs for cabinets, folded horns etc with driver/horn/speaker suggestions is what we are looking for.

The main reason we are wanting to build our own is because we are finding that options for retail products are not only cost prohibitive but the quality of sound is not as great at the cost would suggest. If we cannot build our own system, we are looking at these types of options. 4 used JBL SR4719x (dual 18" 2241HP), 4 used SR4733 (dual 15"-driver 2226hpl-cone c8r2226 with 2447 driver for highs) and adding some hi-frequency extension speakers or horns to round it out.

We will be using various power amps for the system at 2x program watt rating to have enough headroom.

There are quite a few used crowns, qsc and others here in our market at reasonable prices. Our board is a soundcraft gb8 40ch. We've been using a much smaller set up powered by 2 crowns but most of the time we are using the house set up. We are moving up to larger venues and renting systems which is why we are looking to redesign our PA.

again, thank you all in advance.

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