2-way Tops with RCF N980

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7 years 2 months ago - 7 years 2 months ago #23875 by bmwkid
2-way Tops with RCF N980 was created by bmwkid
Llo all,

I'm pretty new on the forum. So i'm just gonne ask my question and see if there comes an anwser :)

I want to build two 2-way top speakers. Why, you say?
I was lucky to find myself 2 RCF N980 drivers with EV HP94 horns and i want to make good use of them :p
And, I also like a good challenge.

They will be used as FOH for my coussins rock band. At the start accompanied by 2 mackie SRM1800 Subs, but i would like to build 4 cubo18's afterwards.

Here are my first questions.

- How to determin what bass drivers to use (branche? 10",12",... ? Power? 1 or 2?)
- How to calculate the volume of the speaker (I would like them not to big for transport reasons)
- Whats the best way to determin the crossover freq. (I have a DriverackPA with RTA mic at my disposal for testing )
- Should i go for passieve or active filtering.

As you see, i've got tons of questions. :)

I will be drawing the speakers in 3D Inventor. Not only the sound matters ;)

I hope you guys can help me along the way with this project.

Kind regards,


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