15" 2-way - Advice/Recommendations

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15" 2-way - Advice/Recommendations was created by pczjm
Hi All,

I am planning on building some pa style speakers and would like some advice.

I am after some some speakers that can sound great on their own (ie. go relatively low!) for my living room/garden, and also be paired up with two HD15s (which we already have), to do some small parties (20 - 100 ppl ish). Since I want as much bass as possible for when they're on their own I am thinking 15" 2-way design with ports.

This is a first build, so not wanting to design cabinet/driver pairings, just after a tried and tested design. Was considering the X15s of Rog but due to the original drivers being discontinued I have decided to go elsewhere. Was considering these 18 sound 15" 2-ways:


Any idea how these would compete with an X15 for example, or if there are suggestions of something out there which is similar but better?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!

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