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7 years 10 months ago - 7 years 10 months ago #23478 by LUTHIER
Modular Soundsystem idea was created by LUTHIER
So I have taken a step back a decided to go for something simple; this will be my first system.
I plan to make a modular 3-way system (possibly 4-way)

Looking for a clean, flat, uncolored sound and professional look.

(if it could look anything close to Tony’s stuff... that would be great!)

Single 18s (using triangle corner ports)

2 x 12 tops with a 1” comp

Considering a 15” cab in between each stack 80hz to 160hz (18,18,15,12,12,1)

SPL for sound system

Sub – 38hz – 120hz
131db per side – worked out using 98db sensitivity RCF LF18G401 in a pair at 900w at 1m

Mid – 120hz – 2khz
127db per side – Worked using 99db sensitivity Faital Pro 12PR300 in a pair

Comp – 2khz – 20khz
127db per side – worked out using 109db sensitivity Beyma cd10fe at 70w at 1m



2x Proline 3000 – 1100w per side at 8 ohm

200w of headroom

Low Mid (if used)

C audio XR 3801


1x Matrix UKP 1300 – 650w per side at 4 ohm

50w of headroom


Class A/B amp 0 150w at 8 ohm

Less than 0.02% THD at 1khz

Ideally 1U Rackspace

Cost under 150

Kit owned:

Proline 3000

Matrix UKP 1300

Beyma CD10FE x2

Ultradrive DCX2496

Any advice or suggestions much appreciated,


Something like this

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7 years 10 months ago #23492 by Rog Mogale
Replied by Rog Mogale on topic Modular Soundsystem idea
Looks like a good plan.

I'd drop the 15" and replace it with another bass cab, so three 18" bass and one double 12" and HF per side.

The reflex 18's will play high enough to not need the 15's and I would start out with an xover point around 120Hz and play around to see what you prefer. You may find 140Hz better.

The double 12's will never really have enough low end for three 18's, but you could EQ some 160 to 180Hz in on the 12's to give the impression of warmth. Overall I think the system will deliver a clean sound, but on the smooth and sluggish side. For more dynamics and punch you would have to look at horn loaded bass and mid sections and all the difficulties that arise with these designs.

For general purpose use with smaller audiences close to the stacks, you can't go wrong with an all reflex system.

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7 years 9 months ago #23568 by bjm362
Replied by bjm362 on topic Modular Soundsystem idea
I currently am running a similar, but somewhat different system to what you are talking about in a small club. I have not been able to build exactly what I want yet so Rob's experience as a builder is something I indeed do respect.
The system I am referring to uses a pair of old Peavey FH118 (circa 1970s) folded horn subs. On top of those I have a pair of 3-way tops (audio Centron), each with a 15, a 10, and small CD horn.
I am using this for live sound and I feel like my results have been phenominal!
I am just biamping with 1760w to the subs and another 880w to the tops. The active crossover is set to just over 100hz sending everything below that to the subs. From 100hz and up to the tops.
The passive crossover then sends 100-400hz to the 15, 400 to 4000hz to the 10 and 4000hz and up to the CD horn.

One other note I might add, I have experimented a bit with using at 75hz or so, and a light duty sub from 75hz to close to 200hz. I liked the results really well. It seems to improve clarity far above where it should...... That is just my experience thus far though.
Remember to take into account what you are building it for, how well can you handle a transport them too.

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