file B&C 18NW100 in MTH-46lc

7 years 1 week ago - 7 years 1 week ago #23401 by scradeley
B&C 18NW100 in MTH-46lc was created by scradeley
Hi there, This will be my first tim build and I'm looking at a pair of MTH-46lc and am interested in B&C 18NW100 drivers.

I'm leaning towards this build as I like the tapped horn design with the smaller footprint enclosure and I want to step things up a bit from THE BOX SPEAKER 18-500/8-A which I've read mixed things about.

Can anyone please advise me on whether the B&C18NW100 are suitable for the MTH-46lc and how they would respond in terms of low end extension and sensitivity.

Could I expect a noticeable improvement over THE BOX SPEAKER 18-500/8-A

Otherwise are there any other higher end drivers that you could recommend for this design. I don't quite have the expertise to run the required modelling and am looking for some guidance around this.

Thanks in advance...

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