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ribbon tweeter or compression driver? pros n cons

multicellular horns? yay or nay and why? ive got my own opinion but im interested to see what someone with experience has to say and how about a ribbon tweeter in a multicellular? ;)

sound quality on a budget of a bout £600. digital mixing desk, analogue mixing desk or audio interface, pc and software? - analogue
-examples of some mixers i was looking at -digital

im open to any recommendations these are just some i saw in 'sound on sound' mag :) (i dont have any examples for good audio interfaces in this price range)

is there an audible difference or some practicality between using a 3 way active crossover and a passive crossover to link tweeter to mid as opposed to simply using a 4 way crossover? i use a dsp so maybe the processing on top end is a decision factor?

just to clarify i have done my own secondary research but id like some first hand opinions, thanks in advance, all answers/opinions welcome :)

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Ok interesting question, assuming you have asked the audiophiles this as you are building audiophile speakers?
I personally am a fan of dome tweeters especially those manufactured by scanspeak in Denmark
as to which is better out of ribbon and CD then I would say Ribbon as the CD will need to be horn loaded there will be time factors and phasing issues to contend with and this would make the design of an audiophile crossover very difficult if not impossible.
If it is for PA use then it depends what kind of speakers you are designing, if you are building point source then I would go with a good CD and horn combo, if you are building and I'm sorry to say this here a line array then I would go for a ribbon or a planer wave generator BMS make an interesting one pricey at 200 a time but assuming the specs are correct and I've no reason to doubt BMS they are a bit of kit LOL
other option would be an Air motion transformer this one comes with a good horn but again is serious money
considering the potential gains using these and the fact that you will need a minimum of 8 to make an array then well you can see the problem
if ti as an array you are planning I have some designs for cabinets and rigging however I think you may run into issues with insurance
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okay not really.. i am a pa guy and sound system owner so yeah my question was answered in the 2nd part of your answer. My first idea for a top design was a line array tweeter source that would have 4 per cab so with two tops you get a line array. however i was looking at these coz well 150 with a horn is pricy but i'm sure we'll make it eventually. on a side note.. can a line array be curved? i was going to curve each cab in the shape of half an octagon along the front if that makes sense.. then i was going to try my best with a traxtrix horn. id be interested in checking out your line array designs but purely for inspiration and some guidance, im still learning to design speakers and any guidance i can get will save me a hell of a lot of disappointment when it comes to the final test.
As for the system style. here's a pic :)
im not sure if you can have line array mid horns due to phasing issues, but id like for the top end to be a horizontal line array coz ive heard beaming is minimised... im not sure if ive explained my theory well? but if you or anyone could point out some clear flaws and pros in this then id be very grateful. thanks for the links and opinion!

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