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The Old Republic (SWTOR) developers was created by maxrain
When science fiction MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) developers a blow to a commercially operated Goldseller ring has succeeded: Hundreds accounts were involved, were withdrawn from circulation a total 9 billion credit.
Ask the Protocol: Hot Goldseller actually Goldseller if's in the game are no Gold? Well, the official name in English is "Real Money Trader" (RMT), the German name of "Gold Seller" for she has been due to the dominance of Blizzard's WoW enforced. A beauty is that just as the problem which describes the concept, but now the topic.
swtor_hutteBioware would now often provide the fans of SWTOR a look behind the scenes, so the community manager Eric Musco was the official forum known to have any problems with credit-sellers and their promotional advertisements in recent months. Therefore Bioware has observed over several months a veritable Goldseller ring which consisted of several hundred accounts on different servers. In the last week we took action against him and lifted him out.

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