file New 1u MkIV dB-Mark LMS Units

7 years 11 months ago - 7 years 11 months ago #19138 by Tony Wilkes
New 1u MkIV dB-Mark LMS Units was created by Tony Wilkes
Just received the latest units from dB-Mark which they have rather confusingly decided to call the MkIV. The Internal Hardware has not changed at all which is a good thing as it works very well. The changes are mainly in the software and a couple of minor changes to the front panel controls.

One I especially like is that when an input is selected for editing the corresponding output edit lights flash to show which outputs are associated with this input. Simple but useful.

Also now any channel selected for editing now remains selected indefinitely until the new "exit" button is pressed. This used to pig me off as sometimes when I was having a think about settings it would drop out of editing after around 10s and require a re-press of the edit button.

The input noise gate is now accessible from the software and independently adjustable on each input, -120db -0db


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