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Tips on building a small stack was created by Apieone
Greetings all!

Without having much knowledge on the subject I still want to try and build a small stack for playing roots/dub music. Not at big venues or anything, just small venues or outside with a very small crowd. Since I have not much space for storage en not a very big amount of funds I want to keep it small and affordable. Start with one stack, but maybe in time expand with a second small stack.

Was thinking something like 2 x 18" mini scooper or rhino mkIII + 2 x 12" or 15" midtops + some tweeters on top..
Then of course amps (1 bass + 1 mid+high) + crossover and some effects.

Like I said, I don't have much knowledge on the subject. Getting some help with building everything will not be a problem..
Making a good plan on what to build however is more important to start with..

Therefore any tips or suggestions on what will be a good combination, not too difficult to build en not too expensive will be very much appreciated!


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