First Rig. Need help with crossover and amp. MTL-46 & MT-130

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I'm looking to build a 3-way system for outdoor parties, with around 200 people, in Madeira island, PT. The goal is to have a system with a hi-fi sound with PA characteristics. We mainly play vinil and the music is quite diverse. It can go from Ambient, Reggae and Disco to different styles of dance music like Acid, Electro and Jungle. So it's important for us that the system can play non-electronic music with detail and power. 


So far I came across with the following solution for each stack:

2x Sub MTL-46
with RCF LF18G401 
Would one sub be enough?

1x Mid-top MT-130
Precision Devices PD.121/2 8 Ohms
BMS 4554 8 Ohm
Eighteensound XT 1464
Are these drivers correct?

What would be the best solution for crossover? A passive one inside the MT-130 and an active between the sub and the Mid-top? Could I do everything with a DBX DriveRack PA2 or a Behringer DCX2496?

I need 3 amplifiers. The power of each amp should be the same as the RMS of each driver? How do I balance the volume between the 3 drivers, on the amp or on a DSP?

EQ and final adjustments
After I have the speakers done, what kind of adjustments I need to do? Can someone help me with the process?

Sorry for such rookie questions but we all gotta start somewhere right? 

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