DIY PA system form mini-Raves and Chill out listening sessions

3 years 14 hours ago #24847 by Mayak
Hello out there!

I´m new in DIY PA area but i have some sort of basic "understanding" of how stuff works. I`m kind of a "audiophile" type but i`m not identifying my self as a serious member of "Hi-fi guys" club. I just really appreciate and like good sound quality.

I´m dj´ing a bit and playing styles like electronic, techno and ambient. Me and my friends came to idea to maybe get our own PA system what we could use for small events from about 30-150 peop´s, since genres of music what we represent are quite "underground´ish" here where i live, there are no demand for huge and powerful PA system but we want decent sound quality and "power reserve" to play music with wider dynamic range than "convencional " club and dance music.

I started my research some time ago by scanning tru Thomann and second hand market but couldn´t really find anything than might suit our needs in the way we woul like to, Only Speakers what look interesting was Yamaha dzr315 (its no a commercial) but with decent subs budget runs into amount for what i can start to "fish" for some second hand Pro stuff and i can start all over.

Since we are not "time pushed" and we have budget to slowly collect necessary components, I came around idea to maybe build our own setup, since my friend is a pro carpenter and he have access to industrial machinery to work and process wood so cabinet building wouldn´t be so challenging ´because i have his back and with good drawings and material, hes good to go.

Max SPL is not our goal but decent and well balanced sound, i would like to have some input from members here who have experience with those boxes, about How does pair of X-tro´s and pair of Cubo Sub  with 18" driver would match as 4 way sterio PA setup ?
(I have been looking at Punisher horn as well but i cant find where to buy a pw332(12.00sw) or there are some good alternatives for other driver?)

If you came so far, thank you for reading these! :)

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2 years 11 months ago #24852 by Cubo15
It will be total overkill for 150 people but it will work and it will look 'underground'. The Punishers won't drop as low as the Cubo Subs but if your music genre doesn't need that much low end, they're just as good as any. There's alternative drivers to the Ciare, although I suppose Ciare will probably know where to buy it:

With the X-tro's there is not really a slow build up over the years though. Think about a 1000 Euro for one X-tro in wood, drivers and finish, then a sound processor and 3 amplifiers to drive a pair actively. I would start with a pair of 12" / 1" tops (RCF Art 312 MK4) or the DIY designs of the same from 18Sound or B&C, when times comes for an upgrade to the X-tro's you can re-purpose the 12" tops as DJ-monitors. Just a thought.


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