file Small Psytrance System for Home Use and Small Parties Only

8 months 1 day ago #24818 by shoopdawhoop26
Hi guys,

so im currently building a dedicated party room in my basement.

And i would like to start building a small rig for private indoor parties with a small amount of people (like maybe 10-20) but with good sound quality and good quality bass, for lack of a better term.

Occasionally id like to make a small outdoor party too, but mainly it would stay down there.

It will be used mostly for dark/forest psytrance, so hard dance music i guess?

Ive read in many forums but i still havent made any decisions. But there are a few options im considering.

Option 1:
2x X1 Sub
4x HD15
2x MT130 or maybe i will buy some used tops?

Option 2:
2x Cubo 15
2x Cubo Kick 12 or 15?
and also some tops.

Im not sure if its overkill and maybe i dont need that much? But i just like big sounding speakers.

Budget will be around 5k

Maybe some advice would be very appreciated, also opinions on this setup.

Ive also thought about 1850 horns but since its not a big room im not sure if this would be fitting.

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7 months 1 week ago #24820 by Cubo15
Just to be clear, all your suggested sound systems will be overkill for the intended purposes ;) Personally I would go for a single Cubo 15 or Cubo 18, combined with 2 good quality 12"/1" tops, a digital sound processor and quality amps (I'm obviously biased in this).

As you're going for separate sub and kick bins a sound processor is going to be very important for the quality of the bass. Set a correct delay on the kicks and tops and use good crossover settings on all cabinets plus a high pass on the subs. Personally I don't think 30 Hz capability (like the X1) is needed for relatively fast psy, imho it sounds better on lower BPM psy and even then it's not really needed, the lack of it might even give the impression of faster bass, although good processor settings will also accomplish this. A 40 Hz high pass (Cubo 15's) or even 50 Hz high pass (1850 horn) will work, although I think 40 Hz is perhaps the best of both worlds.

The 1850's would be my first choice for larger events outside but last choice for smaller events inside. The same goes for horn loaded tops, great for larger parties, not needed for small parties allthough you could do it for looks ;)


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6 months 4 days ago #24844 by shoopdawhoop26
Thanks for the answer.

Could you recommend me some tops? What should i be looking for?

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6 months 2 days ago #24850 by Cubo15
Typically a 12" with a 3" voice coil and an 1" with an 1.75" VC are a good start. There are exceptions tho, the RCF Art 312A (MK3/ MK4) does get a lot of praise while using smaller voice coils and it's relatively cheap.


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