Pairing Mid-Tops to Cubo 12 Kick & Sub

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3 years 11 months ago #24672 by rubric34
Pairing Mid-Tops to Cubo 12 Kick & Sub was created by rubric34
Hey everyone, 

A few friends and I are finally taking the plunge and are going to start building a system. We are doing it mainly to get some experience and learn about speaker building, but if we can get a system that sounds half decent and can cater to 100-200 people, it'd be a massive bonus. 

Portability is a big concern for us, so we have decided to go with the Cubo 12 Sub & Kick, using the PD.123C01 and Faital 12FH520. This will should cover the 50-110hz and 110-250hz range.

For the mid-tops, we are after a relatively simple build, so we are thinking a ported enclosure using the Eighteensound 10" 10NMB420 and PD.CD2 2" driver with an off the shelf horn. This will cover 250-1000hz and 1-20khz. 

We are after some advice on whether this mid-top would be well suited in terms of efficiency and dispersion. Would there major benefits in going for a horned design such as the MT101? 

The 10NMB420 looks like it has pretty good dispersion up to 1khz, up to 45deg off axis ( ). 

But what would be the best way to check efficiency? We are looking to start off with 2x Sub, 1x Kick and 2x Mid-Tops. Eventually we hope to expand out to 4x Sub and 2x Kick, but how can we check if 2x MidTops would be suitable for both setups? 

Also are there any other general considerations we've missed with this combination? Would appreciate any help!


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3 years 11 months ago #24678 by Cubo15
Replied by Cubo15 on topic Pairing Mid-Tops to Cubo 12 Kick & Sub
If you're going for Cubo 12, a typical system would be 2 x bass, 1 x kick and 1 x 10" top per side and all would be pretty balanced. For Cubo 12 Mod, you can up the bass to 3 or even 4 cabinets for every kick/ top. Typical for 10" reflex/ closed cabinets, is to cross them much higher (1.5 - 2 kHz) and to an 1" or 1.5" exit driver. A good 2" will keep up with 2 x 12", so 2 - 3 x 10" will also work, it will also easily keep up with a single horn loaded 10". The MT101 will beam the sound, instead of 45 degrees off-axis, you'd be looking at 22.5 degrees off-axis

So in your scenario, the 2" will never be the weak link, a single 10" will be the weakest link, when you have enough bass cabinets (which you don't when you start). If you have the space I would consider looking at Cubo 15 or 18, that way you can at least halve the bass cabinets that you need.

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