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4 years 10 months ago #24433 by shhhhh
hi everyone ¨¨¨¨

i am a french mobile dj trying to make his first handmade sound system. 

I am looking to start quite small and as easy as possible as my knowledge is limited but my motivation and passion at its highest ! so we can do it !!!

informations about the use  ..

- music played -  techno|tekno|house|dub|live bands { if possible } so a versatile sound system would be amazing if it even exists ¿ deep bass 
- up to 100 persons would be amazing
- budget around 1500-2000 euros { more will come with time for sure }
- access to wood working tools and workshop

questions -

i have seen people on here talking about some small nice setups they had or used to own and i would love to hear about them !
i would love to build as much as possible aswel as open to second hand and any good tips really about a nice setup. something quite easy and quick of use would be surely appreciated for sure.
I have seen on french forums people recommending the MTL-46 with a RCF LF18N401 as a diy easy sub ¿ do you think its a good path to start with ¿
what high-mid speakers would you recommend ¿ any amp in particular ¿

i am surfing right now on the forum searching for informations and there are tones of it ‘¨¨ a lot of the discussions are old as that's why i am opening a new one in case people are around.

thanks a lot to everyone for the amazing gold mine you're creating for us all <3 

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4 years 7 months ago #24475 by gyre

With my limited experience, at your budget, you'd be better off with some active reflex bins.
Obviously building your own is loads more fun though.

I'd recommend reflex though, horns usually need loads of power to reap the benefits (unless some wizard in this forum says otherwise)

If you want live bands, be sure to factor in a mixing desk and microphones. 

doesn't matter how good your system is, if your using a poundland wireless mic, it will sound like it.
I'd invest in some sure sm58s and 57s. Also maybe a beta 52A for kick drums.

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