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5 years 1 month ago #24398 by smylee
Before we start I am a complete amateur at this sort of thing so allot of this may sound stupid or obvious.

Im wanting to build my own system so Ive gone ahead and bought 2x 15LFA Kappa Eminence drivers, I know that these can be installed into 15" Staiper Micro scoops but i cant find any plans for it. Is there any other plans I can use for these drivers or will any 15" sub plan work? Im new to all the technical terms so keep it simple please.

If you could also explain what most shit means and what i need to look out for that would be great.
-These are 8 ohm speakers, will they run at 4ohms (what even is an ohm).
-will the rest of the rig need to be running at 8ohms or does that term just apply to the subs/bass
-Is there a minimum/maximum ohms to be running or is just down to your set up?
-What do I need to be looking for when it comes to amplifiers?
-Am I right in thinking that hertz refers to how high or deep a speaker can go(what i could gather from google and youtube vids)
- Is Db refferring to how loud the speakers will go?

Please correct me and if theres anything else I have missed that you can think of please inform me.

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