punishers v2 + hd215 + reflex tops

5 years 1 week ago #24382 by 0bit
Hello there everybody,
after years of being a ghost on the forum, the time came for me to directly ask u guys a/many question/s.
Our rig is as follow:
6 puns v2 ciare 12 sw loaded;
2 hd215 pd154 loaded
4 celestion reflex midtops.

we run the punishers 40-90 hz, + 2.5 dB at 40hz with Q=4
hd215 90-180 hz
tops 180-20 khz
everything linkwitz-riley 24dB/oct
tops delayed at 1.80m, hd215 at 1.10m and puns 0 delay

doesn't really feel deep enough, so we were thinking about missing subs, but im not sure if there is a point in adding subs in a stack of this kind because it would turn up as a weird 3-way bass system that i wouldn't be sure how to treat. if subs would be a good idea, which subs? X1? or just add more punishers? if adding subs is a good idea, would they be run JUST to cover the subbass spectrum? like 30-50hz?

another thing im not sure about is the filter type, butterworth vs linkwitz-riley. i read online that generally for bass butterworth is a good choice, but punishers are linkwitz-riley recommended. should i stick with one filter type for the whole rig or is it ok to mix different filter types?

another doubt is about delay, i've been told by a friend who owns 12 punisher v3 that the horn lenght is 2.10 m, while i was thinking was 1.80. how long is it as far as u know? maybe v2 and v3 have different horn lenght, i dunno.

thank u guys for whoever is going to try to make my ideas a lil bit clearer xD (:

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5 years 1 week ago #24386 by Cubo15
Replied by Cubo15 on topic punishers v2 + hd215 + reflex tops
It depends on what sorts of lows you're missing, adding more Punishers is always good but isn't really going to add much 'real' low end. You could add a few 30 Hz subs (I would start with 2 - 3), like the X1 (or something that sounds a bit more like my name). Run them 30 - 50 Hz or 30 - 60 Hz. Overlap between different subs isn't
desired but too small a bandwidth isn't either.

Linkwitz-Riley (LR) is pretty standard, it's 6 dB down at the filter frequency, for flat crossover points, BW is 3 dB down. As a high pass to protect the subs, LR makes less sense. If it sounds good, it doesn't matter what you're using.

The difference between 1.80 m and 2.10 m is 1 millisecond (that's hardly a thing). Best way would be to measure the delay and compensate that way.

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