Wich amplifier should I buy??

6 years 3 months ago #24222 by sk322
Wich amplifier should I buy?? was created by sk322
Hello guys, I recently got 4 unloaded punisher and I was looking forward to set them up all rigth. I got 2 beyma 12LX60V2 (8ohm,700w rms) for a bargain price and I'll probably buy 2 ciare 12.00SW (8ohm, 1000w rms) since they look like the best option... I'll mount the 4 speaker on a friend rig but soon or later he will leave and I will be left with only the 4 speakers so I wanted to start getting some amplifier ( the goal is to have my own sound system at certain point) but I'm confused by all the specs, the different ways in wich the speakers can be connected and especially the different sound that each brand offer. Any hint??

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