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3 years 11 months ago #23087 by kieronriding
Controlling output power? was created by kieronriding
Hello, could be a stupid question to ask but i cant seem to find an answer anywhere.

Ok so i have 4 fane colossus 18xb's and i am powering them with a lexon sae 18, what i want to know is how do i control how much power the amp is giving to my fanes.

i have my mixer connected to a behringer ultradrive and from the ultradrive to the sae 18 amp. The sae 18 amp has its volume turned all the way up and the speakers are connected in series to this amp (2 on each output at 4ohm) and have a wattage rating of 1000watt rms each so basically 2000watts rms each channel right?

But the sae pcm 18 has a 3200W per channel output, so when the mixer is tuned up full (staying within the green) will i not be pushing 1000watts extra into each pair of speakers?


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3 years 9 months ago #23243 by bee
Replied by bee on topic Controlling output power?
on your lms, you have gain on every output, turn down the output gain on the lms. I have an app somewhere for the berry ultra drive, which will help in setting up the gain structure and limiting.. Ill have a look on me hard drive for it...

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