First timer with many questions

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First timer with many questions was created by Ctrl
Firstly I'd like to say hi as this is my first post on the forum!

A bit of background is my good pal has got involved in running nights under then name of Ctrl and it's looking really promising, and they're looking at putting some money in the speaker direction. I'm obviously very interested, big lover of music and love being a nerd about these sort of things, and he's asked me to dive in and maybe even make it into a summer project, funded too (hell yeah). This in mind in the long run (money permitting obv) we're wanting to build a system that could shake the walls of a medium sized venue or be capable of entertaining a small stage at a festival. 2-4 Mid tops, 4-6 kicks and a few bass bins, I don't really know what's appropriate yet (advice on that would be cool)

Firstly, there are so many opinions on what sort of Amp to use with a driver but never many good examples for circuits this scale. It's always like 'find an amp thats 1.5 times the driver max power' whatever- I want like an example with specifics, like how would I connect up two 300W 10" drivers? Parallel? Series? Can I get one amp and run the whole thing or what?! Then what do I do about the kicks and bass bins? What plans are more appropriate for dance music like house?

I just want to be filled with information on this as you can tell, I am a proper nooby who's very keen. Recommendations and everything would be hugely appreciated. I am actually doing a degree in Electronics so my understanding of the theory is there (Which is why I've initially been asked if I'm interested), but obviously I'm learning about the ideal theory right at the bottom not the real world stuff, like I could tell you how an Amp works but I dunno how to make one blow your head off, if you get my drift. Hence I'm turning to the guys with the experience.


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