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11 years 1 month ago - 11 years 1 month ago #20045 by baekmark
Speakers for Roskilde Festival was created by baekmark
Hi There, my son is going to the Roskilde Festival this year, and he would like to build a speaker setup that is to be mounted on a small (90x50cm) handcart! It is to be used in the Camping area, and it needs to run on 12v batteries! The woofer to be used is www.thomann.de/dk/fane_sovereign_15400.htm Well they have not been bought yet, and I'm thinking of a horn like this: www.hoejttalerbutikken.dk/product/hpa-248-601/
My idea is to use a 2 way system to keep the cost down!

I need help in designing the box or boxes, as it could be a tailor made project for this event only! And I like to nail it the first time. The requirement is simple, just some deep bas and loud!

Any one with some input? Help or an advise.

I haven't yet any amplifier but something from an auto-stereo shop might do the trick. The music is to come from an iPhone via the jack plug.

Thanks in advance
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11 years 1 month ago #20060 by Mikkel Nielsen
Replied by Mikkel Nielsen on topic Re: Speakers for Roskilde Festival
Hello baekmark

I would recommend a simple vented enclosure for the driver as horn loading would increase the weight and size considerably (i've been to Roskilde festival before when it had rained and lugging heavy equipment home was the WORST! :)

The problem is the woofer you have chosen could maybe be pushed up to 700 - 800 hz in a reasonable sized box and the horn down to say; 1800 hz (and thats pushing it IMO). Choosing a smaller woofer with a higher top end would make it easier marry the two sensibly but of course you loose some low end at that expense. Or maybe going for a bigger horn to compensate for the woofers lack of high end, Its always a compromise unfortunately.

I'm probably not the best to offer advice as i've just started speaker building but i've found matching the components is half the battle, then its just choosing the x-over, sticking them in a box and listen to how it sounds!

Held og lykke!

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