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First Build, Looking for advice on cabs was created by tvandereng
Hi guys,
ive been wandering around on this forum for a while now and think its great! absorbing all the information i can and i think time has come to introduce myself and ask for some of your opinions.

My name is Thomas, living in the netherlands at the moment. ive always had a great interest in music. We have recently made the decision to build our own rig/system. I have quite some wood working experience and im always eager to learn but when it comes to building cabs my experience is zero.

My aim is to create a system for as a start around 100 people, but obviously with the capability of expanding over time to a much larger setting. when we speak about drivers my preference would go out to rcf as i can get them for a reasonable price through italy but different tips and opinions are welcome. I dont have a clipped budget as i will be building the rig over time in steps and only start using it seriously a year from now.

As i said i have never undergone a project like this and i would prefer to do it right from the start by taking it slow, learning along the way and weighing out different options.

Im talking about a free party setting, mainly outside where mostly electronical music will be played from tekno to break to core, you know the drill.

ps ive read about 'long throw' and 'short throw' speakers. people saying their myths and people saying their fascts. in a free party setting 'Long throw' would not be ideal for obvious reasons. I have been looking at the MHB-46 but as i said i dont know anything on this subject and would love to hear your opinions on different cab setups, etc.

please tell me if i have not made myself clear.

Thanx in advance.

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11 years 2 months ago #19011 by t.geessounds
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the box u was thinking about is a very good box u cant go wrong an easy to build but make sure u build version II...

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