Thoughts, recommendations on an amp for cubos

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13 years 2 months ago #13436 by PatricJ
Hello all,

First off, thanks for the help with this- and for looking. Hopefully this will be an informative discussion.

I have a few cubos that I'm looking to power, better than they currently are. I'm using a crown ce2000 for them, and the speakers (RCF's)are rated at 350W a piece. The ce's good for 400W per channel- not bad.

I've read that the ce's are decent amps, but I'm sure there's got to be something out there that is a bit more appropriate. I've read also that the XTI's are not so good for lows- those I can get out here real easy so it's temptingsmiley24. I have an XTI4000 powering some full range EAW reflex cabs at the moment- it's... interesting smiley5 . Using XTI's could be a moot point here because all of this stuff will be on a 40Hz high pass filter. In the 20-30Hz range is where these amps really lack, apparently.

In the future I'm looking to add another set of cubos loaded with some Kappa Pros which would bring my power needs up to around 800Wrms @4 ohms per channel (2 cubos per side, paralleled)- which means a new amp.

Any thoughts on what I'm using now and what might work better?

What's readily available out here in The States is QSC, Crest, and Crown- if you know of any other brands that are accessible out here, I'm all ears. I haven't heard the broad range of amps that some of you out there have.

I'm looking to buy that one amp for this future setup that would really give me that "thump" (for house, breaks, Tech house)

Thanks for the help!

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