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Hi, I am Tim I live in the netherlands and I'm 39 before corona I went to a lot of illegal free tekno parties been 2 times to easttek went to a party in france once so I know how a good system needs to hear. 
I've always been more into car audio and I do know to tear a car apart and get some sound deadening to it and put it back together and have so much fun of people placing amps and speakers everywhere they can and then let them listen to a simple 2way setup with sub and hearing them say whooooo it almost goes as low as mine does. I have fun in doing stuff that matters. everybody can buy speakers and say do you hear hou loud it is, I like to get loud without talking about kilowatts. and I really like to know more about PA audio.

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Hi Tim welcome,

I´m from Rotterdam and used to do the sound at a few free parties, which let me to design my own cabinets to get the maximum out of a bass driver.

Ik wilde beginnen met autoluidsprekers voor mijn PA maar na veel lezen ben ik daar gelukkig van afgestapt.


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