Hi all. Question regarding FBT Subline 12sa

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4 years 3 months ago - 4 years 3 months ago #24548 by remarkable1967
Hi all. Question regarding FBT Subline 12sa was created by remarkable1967
Hi all,
I am a solo singer based in the UK (not that i'm doing any gigs in the current climate).

I curently run RCF 710 actives as my main speakers and I have an FBT Subline 12SA for larger clubs when needed. Looking at the amp module on my 12SA it looks to be exactly the same unit that is also used in the larger FBT Subline 15sa. I believe RCF use the same basic Digipro amp in different variants of cabinet.

I am aware that as a band pass box, the subline 12sa can be a bit of a one hit wonder with regards to frequency so I was looking for something that had a bit more scope on the frequency side. I think that FBT actually revised the 12sa and the 15sa recently and they are now front loaded reflex cabinets now called 112sa & 115sa. So after looking at the available plans on this site, I wondered if I could use my subline amp module as a donor and fit it into a new 12" or 15" self build that will give me more flexibility. I'm not looking to scrap the original FBT cabinet but rather swap out the amp back and forth as I see fit........... If that makes sense !!!.

As the FBT subline 12sa is essentially a cube, I was originally looking as the Cubo 12 or 15 as a DIY project. Any advice on this path or perhaps a better design would be appreciated. Also, what 12" / 15" driver would people recommend based on the fact that I beieve the amp module is 600 watts rms.

Any advice guys would be greatly appreciated

Thanks................ Mark 
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