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1 year 1 month ago #24446 by WoltM
Ataraxia sound system was created by WoltM
I'm building a pedal-powered sound system in southern France.
It's a recreative-educative project... The aim is to build up to 4 bike-generators, producing about 300W, and make people dance with that... 
I will also use it to go in schools and talk about energy, technology, philosophy and environment... 

One of the main ways of being energy-efficient is building everything in DC current, never switching to AC,
Then, I also have to find out energy-efficient speakers and their matching cabinets & 12V amplifiers...

I'm building a first prototype that will be more like a "jukebox", for this autumn, 2 or 3 ways.
I'm now focusing on the 12" sub, wondering if I should go for Cubo, MTH30, scoop, or a simple bassreflex!

I"ll be glad to answer any question, and receive all advices!

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