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Basshead from Ottawa, Canada was created by LloydusVonAwesomeSauce
Hello from the Great White North!

Short and simple:
  • I'm a basshead and listen to: Deep Dubstep, Dub, DnB, Reggae. but also listen to normal people music like: indie, classic rock (inherited a large 800+ vinyl collection so plenty of oldies)...i'm open minded and like discovering new music.
  • Moved in to a house in the country, neighbors nearby, but they're loud so don't worry them.
  • Have a large garage designed for auto repair and a high ceiling for a lift. The garage is at the back of a long yard. It's about the size of a small club.
  • Looking to build a Bass Rig suitable for small parties and when I'm drunk and want to crank music. I have a few small consumer type systems around the house and need something louder.
  • I'm new to the Bass Rig/PA system world but have been digging for info and reading a lot.
  • I've heard a few systems. Most notably the 40hz Sound System  and loved it's ability to make it hard to breath and rattle my eyeballs. 
  • I want one of my own.
I know it'll take money and time to get to a system similar to the 40hz system but I have to start somewhere. Here's my plan:
Phase one:
  • 2 Cubo Subs Loaded with Eminence Sigma Pro 18" 4ohm with pole mounts
  • 2 used active tops to stick on top of the Cubos (don't know much about these but they would be temporary until I build some MT 130s)
  • Not sure about Amps for the subs and Crossovers but I'm considering these:
    Amps for Cubos:
    - Behringer Europower EP2000
    - Crest Audio Pro-Lite 2.0
    - QSC GXD 4 or 8 (may be overkill with DSP for subs)
    - Behringer CX3400 (haven't put much thought into this)
I have a used mixer that should work and assume could plug a laptop into it and maybe a turntable with a pre-amp eventually.

Anyone with feedback on amps for the subs would be appreciated. I've also never heard a Cubo 18" sub so I'm hoping it's good for those sub bass frequencies and can get the pant-legs shaking.

Right now i'm just saving up money and reading as much as I can to avoid needless spending.

I'll try to post some pics once things get moving.


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