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Horn Loudspeakers? was created by matt_macindoe
Hi everyone

Okay, I'm complete newbie to designing/building loudspeakers.

But I am a Product Designer by trade, with 12 years experience in the industry. So I'm used to researching areas that are completely new to me and developing products based on available technologies, materials, and manufacturing methods.

I want to build some beautiful, crafted loudspeakers that an Audiophile would be proud of. I know that this will take a long time, starting from zero, but I've got the patience.

So far my research (today) has involved reading this:
This slightly more detailed introduction:

And also looking around at some of what's on the market.

One of the interesting conclusions I was drawing from this is that horn style loudspeakers seam to be making a comeback, for a number of reasons.

This is probably going to open a can of worms (and I kinda hope it does), but what do you audiophiles out there think of horn speakers? And is this a path I should pursue or are there other types that I should look at?

What do you think of OSM Speakers?

Thanks in advance.

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