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About a month ago I went to the Scoop Shoot Out in the mid-lands. I let the people putting it on use my EAW KF-850's for upper bass and mid tops. They're my knockabout cabs that I'm not that fussed how they are treated. Mishandle my A.S.S though and it's a different matter.
I went with the two Paul's from Redditch. There's tall Paul and other Paul, that being the Mr Hodgkins fella.
Tall Paul took his old school A.S.S subs. Myself and other Paul met him down there. The magnanimous Mr Heathrow was in attendance and brought much warm vibes.
For many years I’ve been one of those know-nothings that has dissed scoops, probably because I had seen so many home made scoops and just thought there were better cab designs to put a tasty 18” driver in. But the Mr Hodgkins fella, who’s a smart cookie, took the time to explain to me the design physics of why scoops are a wicked cab, in that they’ll produce a certain type of bass.
Oh really is that right I said, feeling like a slinky pussy cat with many secrets had whispered one of them into my ear.
I arrived at the scoop-shoot-out looking forward to the proceedings. There were six entries, two pairs were mini-scoops, the other four were full size bins.
The way the competition went down was each pair of subs would play the same section of dub reggae for the same length of time, and all there would gather close and listen, and compare, and decide what cabs they thought sounded best.
Personally I couldn’t actually tell apart the sound the various pairs of cabs made from each other. Maybe that’s because I’m not well versed in dub. Had the music chosen of been sounds I was familiar with it may have been a different story.
Hodgkin’s and I had to leave early before votes were in as he had to collect his young un’s from school. Latter in the day tall-Paul rang to say the A.S.S cabs we’d took had won first place.
The photo is of tall Paul as we were loading the van that morning. The other is of the actual trophies, the tallest of which tall Paul may have drank a beer from that evening.
If the people who put the scoop-shoot out on read this thread. Well done and thanks, it was a really enjoyable afternoon.
Since then I’ve become the proud owner of a pair of A.S.S RX 18” scoops. What a lovely sounding and beautifully made cab they are.

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