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11 years 1 week ago #6220 by heathrow_b_line
HBL scoop thoughts... was created by heathrow_b_line
Big boys need big toys.

There comes a time when mini this or lightweight that just dont cut it.

Sure for an easy life i can see the benefits

But in a dance, going one for one with another sound i would want to be standing behind full size big boy scoops with a nice heavy 40kg old crest or crown amp.

You can try and turn scoops into a science but the same 10 year old combination of ASS RX18, PD1850, CREST P9001 are still rocking dances. With an experienced soundman at the controls that sound will never lose.

He may not win, but he will never lose.


Produce a killer sound. Take no prisoners.

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