i am loking for plans :)

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5 years 2 months ago - 5 years 2 months ago #24389 by ladisnb
i am loking for plans :) was created by ladisnb
hello bass scientists :) im new here so ..hello to everyone and thanks for your opinions and advices.
Ima fell in love with reggae/dub music many years ago, but we don't have a lot of action on that type of music here...So we put some money together and decided to build our own soundsystem. After one month of reading topics and learnig new interesting thing about sound I visited event yesterday where played king shiloh with his soundsystem. Ive heard many soundsytems with super scoops (mainly), hog scoops (mungos hifi, channel one, OBF, legal shot, green light...) ... but this one was different dat pressure was unique.

I would like to ask you for advice. What type of woofer is this one ? It look like some type of horn but which one ?
It's possible to get plans somewhere?

thx and ima sorry for my broken english xD

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