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7 years 8 months ago #19375 by James Wiltshire Bass
Bass Guitar Scoop Anybody? was created by James Wiltshire Bass
For a long time i've been inspired by the heavy sound of reggae scoop bins. Commercial bass guitar cabs don't make this type of bass. I built a reflex 18inch box from the rog mogale site that absolutely smashes everything for reggae, but not tonal enough. I like the idea of a 'tall boy' style cab for projection. I need to be able to put it in a car also to get to gigs.

I want to try experimenting with either a scoop bin with extended mind and tweeter (up to 6k ish) (that was a tad smaller) and maybe a two box set up -i.e bandpass/horn box for sub and then a mid box on top.

How can I design these acoustic boxes? How can I make my own horn design? Or does know any designers or has anybody tried a similar idea?

this site is awesome!

Here's me too if you ever need any bass : )

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