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9 years 3 months ago #22669 by grooki
SMT 212 handles, horns, drivers, xo was created by grooki
Hi everyone,
So I'm getting towards giving the plans for the SMT 212s to a wood shop to cut the pieces for me, but I have a couple of questions that it would be great if anyone could answer! I'm just starting out and so everything is budget at the moment. Also I'm based in Australia so that makes ordering things a little more tricky (and expensive!).

1. Handles: The original plans don't have handles, and I have seen on several different threads people add them themselves. Either through simply cutting a hole in the side, or installing proper recessed handles. My question is that do these handles make any difference to the functioning of the cabinet? Do they not obstruct the sound in some way, or is this effect negligible? I would definitely prefer to install handles, but not at the expense of the sound. Are there particular handles that work better than others?

e.g.Recessed handles:

Simple holes:

2. The 12" drivers - I am on a budget and have been told that the Delat 12As are perfectly sufficient - what do you think? Any other suggestions?

3. I am unclear on which horns to use - does it really matter what I choose here? I guess they should throw the sound in a similar pattern to the 12"s, but other than that? I guess they need to be loud enough? Again I prefer budget option here.

4.Do people usually install a passive crossover inside the cabinet that is a permanent fixture in there, or do they have external connections for the compression driver and the 2x12"s and do the crossovers in an external unit?

5. If you have any other thoughts, nifty tips, ANYTHING, I'll be glad to listen :D Nerd out at your leisure!

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