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Hello Mr. Cubo, Hello everyone.
Sorry for my english. Im a new member just wanted to ask a few questions or advise from your expertise about this subject
Question1: Is it possible to make a cubo in a 3 way for home/personal use? It will be in a single cabinet but cubo will be in a separate compartment and in exact dimensions according to the plan, I have the plan for the standard and the extended, the cubo will be, of course in the lower compartment and the upper compartment will house the midrange and the tweeter. I have aquired a pair of vintage jbl 2225h from a friend.
2: If its possible any advise regarding the midrange and tweeter? I have a 300w kenwood amp and. equaliser. Is it powerfull enough for a cubo? Does the extra height affects the sound?

I know the cabinet will be heavy but its not a problem because its only for my home use and it will just be sitting on the corner. As much as possible I dont want to make a new cabinet just for the mid and tweeter.

Any opinions from everybody is also appreciated

Thanks in advance, Vic....

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Do you want a mid and high section that can keep up with the Cubo all the way? If not, where could it stop? I mean, you could stick a 4" full range driver in there and call it a day, you could also build a 10"/1"/10" MTM and if for some odd reason you have a 100 guests over, they could all enjoy the music.
Personally I use 8" and 10" as low-mid at home, but also working on a 1" full range that goes down to ~100 Hz at the moment. So technically you could use an 1" to compliment the Cubo ;)

Will you make the compartment for the mid top just as deep/ wide as the Cubo? Thingy with 62 cm is that it will give a resonance in the mid band, especially if two outer dimensions are 62 cm. Leaving the width 62 cm and adjusting the depth to 15 - 30 cm would still give the visual appeal and work pretty well for a horizontal MTM-configuration.

Now based upon the above I'm going to say don't put the mid-high section and the Cubo in the same enclosure (yet). Make them visually match and if you really like the outcome, take some glue and stick 'm together, nobody will ever know the difference.
You could even use the empty space behind the top to enlarge the Cubo 15 chamber size and make it drop lower.

Btw. budget is always a good one to know in this.

Best regards

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Replied by Sailor on topic Re: Cubo 15 in a 3 way?
Thanks a lot mr. cubo. I have gained additional knowledge from you which I can also share to my friends. I will do exactly what you sugested.
I'm sorry I was away for a month and I dont have internet access. I just read your reply a few hours ago.
Can I ask another question?
Do I have to use a crossover network on my planned set-up? If yes then what frequency would you recomend to suit best on my set-up?
Is the vintage jbl a reliable driver? Its already reconed. I'm from the Philippines and its so hard to find some popular models here or it will be very expensive and I dont have the budget to buy one. What we have here is a local brand like Crown, Targa and Dai-ichi. Have you heard them? Are they reliable?
I'm really excited for your response.

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