Dubateers in Southend this Friday with R2U

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Tony, just looking back at these pics (in awe & wonderment at the quality) and I was wondering (as you do on a Saturday night) - how do the tops array? I believe they are 60 degree (H) horns - so what is the splay angle on the cabs? Also, what is the recommended ratio of cabs (sub/bass/mid-top/tweeters) for various types of music? And finally (honestly), how do the bass/mid-tops work with the RX18DC cabs - I seem to remember a post from someone in France (Brittany?) who I believe had such a system?
No hurry - 8 oclock tomorrow morning will be fine (tee hee).
Cheers, mate.

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Hi Jazzy, To be honest, in spite of the 60 degree horizontal thing, the angle on the cabs was only done mechanically to facilitate the mid speakers in the rear chamber. The HF Horn which sits in the middle of that box is a lot smaller and crosses over at around 670 hz from the mid. As in most mid horns, which are usually far to small to control dispersion, there is compromise. However, I discovered many years ago that if your horn is reasonably long, that even when they are placed next to each other, there is less coupling to worry about. once the waves are outside the box they crossover and go everywhere as reflected sound. The good thing about the R2U mid is that all the waves that come out of the box up until the crossover point are what I call whole waves, in as much as they don't break up as all the frequencies are larger than the mid horn. I'm sure this adds to the clarity of the cab which a lot of people comment on. I hope this doesn't sound too jumbled.
Last night was Drum and Bass night at the Royal,Hotel and all the boxes got ticked. It's the hardest the system has ever been pushed. There are two additional bass cabs in the set now which has helped. It's also created a larger sound board. So it's smiles all round really.

Peace and goodwill to all speaker builders

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