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Alright there. I have already PMed you tony but in the off chance you dont get back to me in time. i will ask to see if any other peoiple may know!! My friend and I have just bought 4 MX1200's (unfortunately 4 of the 1550's are blown) and 2 MX600's. We already owned 4 BS600's. Now unfortunately we are doing a party for a friend and we are indoors. and we cant stack the mx1200 and 600's on top of each other as they are too tall!! so we are goin to have to use the bs600's and the mx600's!!! As there is a time delay on the 1200's to the 600's we were wonderin if we will need a delay between the bs600's and the mx 600's. And if we do how much of a delay will we need. any advise/information would be greatly appreciate. and asap as we are throwin this party tommorrow.

Also while on the subject next month we will be doin a party with all our stack and was wonderin if antyone has tried runnin the mx series with a set of the bs 600's and if so how did they run together. Thanks


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10 years 4 months ago #7857 by tony.a.s.s.
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Hi Mark, I've pm'd you with this but here it is again. Bass- zero. Mid- 6.510 ms. HF- 7.009. Hope this helps. Whatever delay system you're using, the nearest figures to these will be fine. T.

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