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10 years 7 months ago #6815 by staiper
(My) Ethic question ? was created by staiper

My old friend have insisted that he would like to build classic tall "old school" 18" scoop bass.
He have find pictures of RX18 on net and come to me with "eeeeh, this is what I would like.. do you have that plans?"

As those are commercial design (no DIY plans) ..To make thing simple all ended that I took old JBL design rough said "scaled-it-up" properly.
I confess that while doing this I have used a bit of informations you have provided us on forums (practical
idea of cabinet height = double width for more "flexible" stacking..)
To finalize all with double paneled front edges + grille holder-batten ended with cabinet which externally looks (if built properly)
almost exact as RX18 ..I believe that internally it is not far different :think: ..but at other side, may be as I have never seen any RX18 internals in live or picture.
For this one I do not want to say "designed" by me, because it is not. I have do nothing else than picked up old design and dimensioned that to be functional according to friend wishes (function+look) to prepare usable plan for woodcuting and assembling.

That plan was only intended for that particular build (2 cabinets - or 4 if his budget allows him)
Just because of fact that those are very lookalike (intentionally- attempted to look as) RX18 I want to ask is it ethically correct to share that plan (if someone is interested).??

In fact this is not "RX clone" .. (just plain old scoop, scaled up JBL with final A.S.S. heavy-look/build..) (In any case, original is always original - with soul in it smiley1 )

Best wishes, Stipe

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10 years 7 months ago #6816 by nickyburnell
Replied by nickyburnell on topic (My) Ethic question ?
Tony's call. However, welcome here. :thumbup:

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10 years 7 months ago #6821 by tony.a.s.s.
Replied by tony.a.s.s. on topic (My) Ethic question ?
Many of my ideas and methods have been copied over the years. The only protection I gave myself was owning all my brand names, which I still do to this day. It's easy to modify a cab after the first one has been built. As people well know by now, the original S118 was scaled up from the JBL 4530. I didn't have a problem with making a similar cab, because JBL publish the plans for constructors. As with the Fane hand book, JBL made plans available with the sole purpose of selling more chassis speakers.
Regarding making a lookalike, why not? I would like to think that over years I have inspired people to get up and do what I did.
One thing I would say, I think you learn less about box building when you have someone elses drawings. For me. experimenting was all the fun, I have ditched a few cabs in my time and knowing what not what to do is just as important as doing the correct thing.
Most of my design ideas have been logic. I have never used a program for anything apart from measurements.
Regarding the cab. Make sure it is strong and heavy. I am building RX's at the moment and next week start on the Mk2. (which will be bigger) Pictures will be posted in due course.

Peace and goodwill to all speaker builders

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10 years 7 months ago #6853 by staiper
Replied by staiper on topic (My) Ethic question ?
Hello Nicky :)

and: Thank you Tony for reply smiley20

I wanted to ask because of in this case intentional "lookalikeability" and commercial product still in production I do not
want to act negatively to you ethically or commercially because I am "in speakerplans/building"mostly as hobby/DIY (OK .. through summer season occasional sound rental and mixing FOH but I do not make my living of this)

Your approach to sound business and speaker cabinet building is always inspiring and really beautyfull example what word "good" really means in phrase "good old days" when we are talking about audio today when most ears are "calibrated" by Mp3-s :ugeek:

Best wishes

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