file Amp recommendations for Kappa Pro 15LF 600W

1 year 10 months ago - 1 year 10 months ago #24978 by dansos12
I'm looking for an amp that will be a good match for these drivers:

Ideally with DSP built in.

Found a few candidates, any suggestions/opinions would be great!

Also saw this:

I was wondering if having an amp rated for 1600w @ 8 ohms, whilst running 600w drivers is a big no-no. Basically, can the power output be managed within the amp, so for example only setting it to ~35% of its power output per channel - or will this damage the drivers regardless?

I'm thinking that if I have amps with DSP, I can avoid getting a standalone crossover unit for the rack. Is my thinking correct here? I'm very new to this topic, so please forgive my ignorance.


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